Board Care

Our products have a base coating to keep them sealed from water damage and staining from oily foods. Follow these instructions so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.


– Hand wash your board after each use with antibacterial soap and water, remove and wipe any standing water from the board after

– Do not leave the board sitting in water as this will cause warping over time

– Do not clean in the dishwasher (bold this bullet point please)


– Store on a flat and dry surface

– Storing the board on an uneven surface may cause warping over time due to the nature of natural wood

– Avoid locations at risk of falling. While the woods we use are very strong, all woods are subject to potentially breaking when dropped

General Care

– All wood products (Boards and furniture) require regular oiling to maintain their seal and last as long as possible

– A piece requires oiling if the wood begins appearing dull, matte, less vibrant or no longer hydrophobic (water should bead off of the surface)

– To oil your piece use a non-ranciding oil or Rustyk Design Board Butter, massaging it into the wood in a circular motion with a soft cloth until fully absorbed

– DO NOT use any oils that go rancid for oiling, as oils such as olive or coconut will cause the wood to rot and ultimately ruin the piece

– Grapeseed oil, E-grade mineral oil, beeswax, and castor oil are all great for board care

– Oiling is essential for lengthening the lifespan of all wooden furniture or boards