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Rustyk Design is committed to implementing sustainable practices ecologically, socially, and economically. We employ these practices through a genuine respect towards holistic and progressive business models that recognize that sustainability requires a healthy relationship between all systems. 
Environmental Sustainability
Our projects are sourced either from reclaimed materials, diseased or dead arboreal removals, and lumber companies that practice sustainable and eco-friendly harvesting. Our resin is sourced from a local manufacturer that produces bio-based epoxies and colourants and employs a zero-chemical waste policy. Please visit to find out more about their sustainability policy. 
Workplace and Social Sustainability
Rustyk Design runs on an open, inclusive and progressive platform that allows employees to freely have open, earnest, and creative discussions regarding work environment, projects, and company potential. We are currently training several apprentices seeking to further their skills in woodworking while encouraging their natural love of craft. Our mission is to create a space where sharing ideas and challenges is a natural process. 
Our Community…
As a local, family-run business, Rustyk Design is heavily promoted through word of mouth and at local craft markets such as the Spruce Meadows and Millarville Christmas Markets. We love seeing both new and ongoing clients at these gatherings, as community support is an important part of sustaining our handcrafted, quality-driven, and “slow food” approach. 
Economic Sustainability
Everything we design and create is made in our shop located in central Calgary, Alberta–which is why we love working with other local businesses with the same local roots and aspirations! Working with these businesses allows us to create a face-to-face and hands-on economic network throughout the city. You may have come across some of our beautiful projects, as Rustyk Design has worked in commercial spaces within popular areas of Calgary such as 17th AVE, 10th AVE, and Bowness. As we continue to support other locals, we seek to educate on the importance of building a strong and sustainable network that in turn, supports our local economy and community.